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Your Pawfect Trip Can Start After 3 Easy Steps

(1) Call us for a free consultation

During consultation, an employee will discuss the needed services for you and your pet(s), pricing, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

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(2) Submit Your Application & New Client Forms

In the application, you will complete necessary information for you and your pet(s). You will also need to complete a health & temperament form, emergency medical release form, and a policy & agreements form. The photo release form is optional if you choose to have your pet(s) to be featured on all Pawfect PupPort platforms.

We will need a copy of your pet(s) vaccination records. If you don’t have a hard copy, you may either obtain one or have your vet scan-email it to us. You can find our email on our contact page. If you are having it emailed, please put your name in the subject line along with “Vaccination Records”. For example, “John Doe Vaccination Records”.

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(3) Schedule Your Pawfect Trip

Once you finish the above two steps, you may proceed to scheduling your needed services.

After you schedule your trip, you will receive an invoice via email. Payments are due within 1-hour after receiving an invoice to pay for the scheduled trip(s). Services that are not paid within the 1-hour time frame will be cancelled.

Scheduling a trip will need to be done 24 hrs from the time you need service.

Going forward, you will not need to complete steps 1 & 2 for scheduling a trip unless you are adding a new pet.

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