Meet the owner

Khiara Mills


Khiara Mills has loved pets since she can remember. Growing up, her father and Nana were huge animal lovers. Visiting her Nana’s house was like witnessing Noah’s Ark. No kidding! Her Nana would open her doors to any animal that crossed her path, but mainly dogs and cats. Khiara currently has two pit bulls of her own, Honey and Ace (shown in the image).

Khiara got the idea to create Pawfect PupPort, LLC after having the need and failing to find someone to transport her pups to boarding. It was then she realized that there were little to no pet transportation services in the area to take pets to and from day care, boarding, vet appointments, training appointments , grooming appointments, etc. She thought to herself, if she was in need of service, how many others needed help as well?

So what did she do? Well, inspired by her pups needs, and the potential needs of other pet parents, she created Pawfect PupPort, LLC.

“I believe our prime purpose here on earth is to help others in any way possible. As a pet parent, tending to my pups needs is a high priority. My goal is to help others who feel the same way, but periodically, do not have the means to do so. That is why I created Pawfect PupPort, LLC ... to help the parents out, and most importantly, to help the pets.”
-Khiara Mills

So Why Are We Pawfect For You?

We understand pet parents live busy lives. Trying to balance time for your fur baby’s pre-planned or last minute transportation needs can become impossible during the week or inconveniently postponed until the weekend. This is why we are the premiere solution to your pet transportation needs.

Whether your fur baby trip is for a medical visit, last minute grooming appointment or a trip to day care, our flexible services can either be one-way or round trip to get them to their destination. Sounds Pawfect huh? Click here for services offered.